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The people of Marble Hill know who to turn to when they find themselves in the unsavory situation of being charged and held for an alleged crime. It doesn’t matter to us why you’ve been arrested and held — all that matters to us is that you have a convenient, affordable means to secure your release and return to the pressing matter of your life — including preparing for your upcoming legal defense.

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Getting arrested is never convenient, but there are some times that are worse than others. Help can be scarce in the early hours of the morning or late at night on the weekends. Your friends and family are asleep or are away from the house enjoying their time away from work. If you find yourself without help in the Marble Hill area, remember that at Smith Bail Bonds, we never turn our phone off.

No matter the time of day or night and no matter the crime with which you are being charged, we can help you secure a quick release at an affordable rate, allowing you to get back to your family, pets, job, and plan for fighting the charges against you.

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Don’t waste valuable time or leave yourself in a dangerous situation in your local jail, call Smith Bail Bonds today for help posting bail in Marble Hill and the rest of Bollinger County.