You Have Bail Bond Questions. We Have Answers.

Before choosing us your bail bond providers, we want to make sure you know what you’re getting into. After all, our goal is to help you. Our bail bond process is simple, and we proudly charge the lowest rates legally allowed. With over 20 years of experience as an elite bonding company in Cape Girardeau, Smith Bail Bonds has had the honor of helping the people of southeastern Missouri get out of jail when they needed it most.

What Is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond is a way to make sure that you or your loved one is able to get out of detention legally and quickly instead of remaining in holding until and during trail — an uncomfortable and unsafe situation. Technically speaking, it is a contract between us, you, and the courts stating that the detained person will show up for all of their court dates and follow the terms of the bond if released.

Do you get your bail bond money back?

If you continually miss court dates, a bounty hunter may be employed to bring you in. Here, you would forfeit your entire bail amount and be sent to jail to await trial.

What if you miss a court date?

No. The amount you paid the bail bond agent is only the fee. The bail bond agent paid your entire bail amount on your behalf.

Can you be arrested by a bail bond agent?

Yes. This is usually only done when pursuing someone who has jumped bail (not attended their court dates).

Are bail bonds refundable?


How long does it take to be released from jail after bail has been paid?

The time can vary based on the day and time of the week. However, in general, the time is short. It can take as little as 30 minutes to be released from jail or up to 48 hours.

Where do you get bail bonds?

Bail bonds are offered by bail bond agents, such as Smith Bail Bonds. Call us at (573)824-2464 to get started.

How a Bail Bond Works

You pay a percentage payment of the bail to us, with collateral provided to cover the rest. If all court dates are attended as per the contract, we will never collect on that collateral. If they aren’t all attended or the terms of the bond are broken, we will.

How It Helps You

Whether it’s you or a loved one who needs to be released, a bail bond helps you afford bail. Because bail is often tens of thousands of dollars or more, it can help make that price much more manageable both in the short and long-term. Additionally, jail is an unsafe place for you or your loved one to remain while awaiting trial. Bail bonds help protect people.

We’re here to help. Call us or reach out to us online to get started or find out more about the bail bonds services we offer.