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Smith Bail bonds in Cape Girardeau understands that bad things happen to good people. Anyone can find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time and end up on the wrong side of the law. When this happens, you need the services of an experienced, professional, and efficient bail bondsman to secure your release quickly and for a reasonable fee.

Rest assured that when you or a loved one have been arrested and need help with bail bonds in southeastern Missouri, Smith Bail Bonds is here to help. Call us today or fill out a form on our website to speak with our friendly, discreet bail bonds agents, or continue reading to learn more.

Southeastern Missouri Bail Bonds

Missouri is a place unlike any other. The “Show Me” State boasts claim to a rich American heritage including being the birthplace of Samuel Clemens — better known as Mark Twain — the launching point for westward traveler’s on the Oregon Trail and resting place to thousands of patriots who died on both sides of the American Civil War in the 1860s. Missouri is our home and Smith Bail Bonds is proud to have been serving the people of southeastern Missouri with expedient and exceptional bail bonds services for over 25 years.

Our bail bonds team is here to help the citizens of our beloved state secure release from jail and get back to the comfort and safety of their friends and family. We’re not here to judge, and we firmly believe in your constitutional right to remain innocent in the eyes of the law until proven otherwise. As such, we are committed to offering a discreet, professional service that will help you or your loved ones get into the best position to reunite with your loved one and begin preparing to effectively fight the charges that have been brought against you.

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Why Post Bail

When it comes to making the decision about whether or not you should post bail, it ought to be an easy one. In short, failing to post bail increases your risk of danger while imprisoned, fails to take advantage of your rights, and reduces your ability to prepare for a successful legal defense against the allegations and charges brought against you.

Jail Is A Dangerous Place

When you have been arrested, but have not sought out the assistance of a bail bond professional, you leave yourself at the mercy of the corrections system. The reality is that jails are not a particularly safe place to be. The people that you are surrounded by will be made up of various types of criminals of both violent and non-violent offenses, which in itself presents a risk to your safety. But beyond this, illness, suicide, and disease all claim the lives of thousands of people in local prisons every year. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, mortalities from illness, suicide, and accidents have been increasing since 2010.

Don’t allow yourself or your loved one to remain at risk when there is an affordable, fast solution to securing their release and return to the loving arms of friends and family.

Unless Denied By A Judge, Bail Is A Right

When you have been accused of a crime and are awaiting trial, you are by default going to be held in a local jail or holding facility. However, in almost every circumstance, you can utilize a bail bond to get out of jail and return to your normal life until your trial date. A judge will review the charges against you as well as any criminal record you may already have and will determine how much a flight risk they believe you are. This consideration combined with the severity of the charges you face will help the judge determine what price to set your bail at.

Like many other states, Missouri tends to have a backlog of cases that can prolong the amount of time you need to remain in holding before appearing before a judge. Don’t wait in jail longer than is necessary when you don’t have to wait at all. Contact Smith Bails Bonds and we will work to secure a speedy bail for you while you await your appointed court date.

You Need Time To Prepare A Legal Defense

The most important thing of all when considering the reasons to seek the help of a local bail bonds company is your need to find an attorney you trust and prepare a strong legal defense. Locating, contacting, and selecting the right attorney to represent you is not a task to be taken lightly. Your long-term future, reputation, and health are at stake when serious charges have been brought against you. Don’t rely on a public defender to invest in you and your case, call Smith Bail Bonds to secure your release so you can prepare a strong defense with the right legal team for you.

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Why Choose Smith Bail Bonds

When you turn to a professional bail bonds company, you want a local, experienced, and affordable option. Smith Bail Bonds has you covered.

We’re Local

Smith Bail Bonds has been serving communities in southeastern Missouri since we started this business. We are experts when it comes to Missouri state bail bonds law and are familiar with all the various prisons and individuals that must be navigated as a part of the bail bonds process.

We Are Experienced

With over 25 years of experience serving bail bonds of virtually every kind, we have the know-how that other bail bonds companies simply cannot match. Whether you are looking for help with a DUI bail bond, felony bail bond, or any other kind of bail, we can help.

We Don’t Overcharge

Smith Bail Bonds is committed to making our services accessible to everyone in the communities we serve. We charge the lowest fees allowed by national and Missouri state law in an effort to make sure that when you find yourself being charged with a crime, you have professional, affordable options you can trust without breaking the bank.

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Communities We Serve

Smith Bail Bond is proud to offer our bail bonds expertise and services to the following communities in southeastern Missouri:

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Remember, there is no reason to sit in jail and wait for a trial you can’t properly prepare for while your friends and family are worried about you, your safety, and your future. Contact Smith Bail Bonds to get expert advice and service about the best way to utilize bail bonds to secure your release and begin preparing for your future.