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If you or a loved one has been arrested, it can be a scary time. After all, you now have to navigate the court process from the time of being arrested and booked to the time you are found or plead guilty or not guilty in a court of law. Plus, it's important to understand the steps in the bail bond process so you don't miss any court dates and get further into trouble.

By partnering with a local bail bondsman, such as Smith Bail Bonds, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. We serve Southeastern Missouri, including Charleston, Caruthersville, Bloomfield, Benton, and Jackson. Our friendly and knowledgeable bail bondsman can ensure you understand the steps in the bail bond process, and we can help with the court process as well. We have over 20 years of experience, so we know the court system inside and out. If you have questions or if you or a loved one has been arrested, call your local bail bondsman today!


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While the bail bonds process itself is not too complicated, what can make it seem scary is the fact that your freedom may be in jeopardy if you are convicted of the crime which you are charged with. By reaching out to your local bail bondsman in Southeastern Missouri, you can have peace of mind that at least your freedom until your trial is taken care of. Below, we'll explain the bail bond process in easy-to-follow steps. Reach out to Smith Bail Bonds to get started today!


In order to ensure that those who have been arrested and accused of a crime don't skip out of town and never come back to face trial, bail money was set. This is like an insurance agreement. You agree to pay a certain amount to have your freedom while awaiting trial. This amount should be sufficient to ensure you don't flee. This is because if you pay the bail amount yourself, you get the money back.


While this sounds great in theory, the problem becomes that most bail is set at a very high amount in order to give you incentive not to flee. Thus, many people cannot afford to pay the court what it is asking. This is when you call your local bail bondsman. When you call your local bail bondsman in Jackson, Cape Girardeau, or Benton, you will provide them with some basic information, such as what crime you are charged with, what the bail amount set against you is if you have had your first bail hearing, what jail you are at, and your basic personal information. If you agree to use the services of your local bail bondsman, then you enter into a contract with them. This contract states that you will pay a certain percentage of the bail set against you as a fee to the bail bondsman, while the local bail bondsman covers the rest of your bail. The bail bond company posts a bail bond, or a surety bond, stating they are now liable for the full amount of bail if you miss your scheduled court hearings. In exchange, this fee is non-refundable, and you owe nothing else as long as you make your court hearings.


Once you are freed from jail, you'll most likely need a good criminal defense attorney to defend you. You also have to ensure you make all of your scheduled court dates. If you fail to appear in court, this is when your local bail bondsman may have to step it. The court gives your bail bondsman 120 days to pay the full bail amount. In most cases, your local bail bondsman will hire a bounty hunter to bring you back. You will then have your bail revoked, and you'll have to stay in jail until your trial. Take it from us, this is not something you particularly want to experience.


Working with a local bail bondsman, such as Smith Bail Bonds in Southeastern Missouri, is a great way to relieve some of the pressure you feel after your arrest. We are here for you 24/7. We can answer all of your questions, and once you partner with us, we'll get your paperwork for the courts quickly so that you can get out of jail as soon as possible. Whether you are in Jackson, Cape Girardeau, or Bloomfield, we can help. We help with both felony and misdemeanor bail bonds. If you are looking for the best local bail bondsman, then call us today!

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