When you’re arrested and charged with a crime, you must pay the court a fee known as a bond to get out of jail. The court holds this money until your court date. The main purpose of this is to ensure that you show up to your court date and that you don’t skip town. If you show up, you get your money back. If you don’t show up, the court keeps your money and they issue a warrant for your arrest.

Smith Bail Bonds offers local bail bond service in southern Missouri, including Cape Girardeau, Benton, New Madrid, Charleston, Caruthersville, and more. Our friendly and knowledgeable bail bondsmen have over 20 years of experience helping those who have been arrested get out of jail quickly. Below, we’ll go over a few of the different types of bail bonds. Contact our bail bond company to get started today!


Recognizance Bond

A recognizance bond requires no money to be put down. To be released from jail, you merely sign a piece of paper promising you will show up for your court date. This type of bail bond is usually issued for minor misdemeanor offenses and for those who have no prior arrest record and are of little flight risk. Ties to the community and others who can speak positively for you can secure a recognizance bond as well.

Cash Bond

A cash bond is when you pay your bond with cold, hard cash. Credit cards and checks do not count as cash. This is a quick bail bond that ensures your timely release. If you show up to court, you’ll get the majority of this money back, minus any court fees and costs, or child support if you own any.

Surety Bond or Bail Bond

When most people think of bonds, a surety bond, or more commonly called a bail bond, is what comes to mind. A bail bond is where you pay a local bail bond company a fee (usually between 10 to 15% of the amount of your bond, which is set by the law) to get out of jail. Once you pay your fee, the bail bondsman then will pay the entire amount of your bail bond on your behalf.

The kicker here is that the bail bond company is then vouching for you, taking on the responsibility that you will show up to court. If you don’t, the bail bond company is out the entire amount of the bond, which is then when they may hire a bounty hunter to bring you back to court so they can get their money back.


Smith Bail Bonds offers the best bail bond services to those in southern Missouri, including Cape Girardeau, Charleston, Bloomfield, Maple Hill, and more. Our friendly bail bondsman understands that you need a quick bail bond so you can return to your family and work while you await your court date. This can be an extremely stressful and trying time, which is why we do everything we can to make this a smooth, easy process. Contact our local bail bondsman today!