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Shoplifting Bail Bonds

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When you are accused of and arrested for a crime, including shoplifting, you will need to pay bail in order to get out of jail. You can either pay the full amount yourself or call a local bail bond company who can help. Smith Bail Bonds offers bail bond services throughout Southeastern Missouri. Learn more about the crime of shoplifting in the state of Missouri, and call our friendly bail bondsmen today!

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What is Shoplifting?

Shoplifting is stealing items from a store, either by putting them in a bag, underneath clothes, or trying to conceal them in some other way. However, shoplifting is more than just stealing goods; it's also stealing services, such as leaving a restaurant without paying.

Shoplifting in the State of Missouri

Shoplifting in the state of Missouri is classified underneath the laws of theft; it is not a separate crime per se. It is classified as either a misdemeanor or a felony based on the dollar amount of the goods or services you stole. For example, a Class A misdemeanor theft is anything under $500, while a Class B felony theft is when the property stolen's value is over $25,000.

What You Should Know About Shoplifting in the State of Missouri

A merchant has a lot of rights when it comes to shoplifting in the state of Missouri. They can detain you while you are still in the store if they have probable cause that you intended to leave without paying. They can detain you inside or outside the store if they know you have concealed property. Plus, you will be responsible for the merchant's court fees if you are found guilty of shoplifting.

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