Smith Bail Bonds recommends that you stay away from the possession of any type of drug no matter what. Drugs only cause you and your loved ones harm and should be avoided. However, we understand that being caught with illegal drugs can happen to anyone, and it’s best you have the best local bail bondsman in your corner when you do.


Once you are arrested for the possession of a controlled substance, you will have a bail hearing where your bail will be set. Oftentimes, you can get out of jail before this, as some crimes with no extenuating circumstances have pre-set bail. After you’ve been processed at the police station, you will have an opportunity to make some phone calls. You or a loved one can give our bail bond company a call. We’ll need some pertinent information, such as where you were arrested and for what crime. We may ask for collateral depending on the circumstances. Then you’ll pay your fee and/or collateral, and we’ll get the paperwork going. The process for getting out of jail is pretty standardized, so it goes quick.

Once you’ve been released, you are free to go about your life, preparing for your court hearings and trials. So long as you show up to these hearings and to trial, you owe us nothing. If you skip out on bail and don’t show up, a warrant for your arrest will be made, and we may employ a bounty hunter to find you. This is because as your local bail bondsman serving Southeastern Missouri, we are vouchsafing for you. If you don’t show up, we have to pay all of your bail money. It’s important to face the music if you’ve been arrested.


Smith Bail Bonds serves all of Southeastern Missouri, including Cape Girardeau, New Madrid, Charleston, Bloomfield, and Caruthersville with reliable bail bonds, as well as emergency bail bonds 24/7. We are experienced and knowledgeable in the bail bond process. Let us help you. Call our bail bond company if you’ve been arrested for possession of a controlled substance today!